Gone Diggin’








Quite a haul from this morning’s dig. Original granite quoins from the house chiseled out by hand many centuries ago. They lay buried and covered in brambles. It’s hard to imagine the toil involved in building with them. Hopefully they’ll find their way into a future project that does them justice. Not for the potting shed and a brew house that will take their place…

1st Annual Egg Roll Gathering

Nye with his golden bunny trophy

Today was such a fun day. It looks like this could become an annual event. Today’s winners were Nye for the kids and Pete Gadd for the grown ups.

Despite some doubtful pitching by the adult contestants there were no umpire calls. The Cornish mizzle abated and although the going was soft some very respectable distances were achieved.

It could have been the sheer volume of chocolate consumed on the egg hunt that enabled Nye’s spectacular finish but a stewards appeal was over ruled as cocoa is exempt from the banned substance list. His winning roll stands and he scooped the Golden Bunny Trophy.








Pete has vowed to defend his 2015 Adult title next year and in a triumphant moment he tossed the winning egg to the admiring pack of hungry dogs. Victory seemed sweet for Mr Gadd. Meanwhile contestants tucked into delicious cakes and buns prepared with love and enjoyed by all.