Field to Fork Retreats

Spring Retreat 27th-31st May

Autumn Retreat 9th-13th September

4 days £355

Reserve your space with £100 PayPal deposit

Grow, forage, cook, move your body and slow down your mind. Be surrounded by the simple lessons and the clarity of thought that comes from being in nature.

Today we all want to find ways to be more sustainable and self reliant in the world we are living in. There has never been a more potent time to explore the skills of growing food, gaining knowledge about which plants you can safely pick from the wild and the understanding of how to turn beautiful produce into nutritious meals.

An experience that awakens more than we can share with you by simply listing a schedule.

At its heart Field to Fork is about:

  • that happy release of endorphins that comes from getting your hands in the earth, pulling roots, plucking leaves and snapping pods.
  •  the peaceful focus that arises when you spend time gently preparing the ground for new life.
  •  how joyful it feels to walk from the vegetable plot or the hedgerow straight into the kitchen with armfuls of freshly picked  ingredients, and create beautiful vibrant feasts to be shared in commensality.
  •  spending time with a feeling of space and connection to our hearts which our modern lives have forgotten.
  • remembering that the lives we live can move towards a kinder more gentle relationship with ourselves and with the world around us.

During our time together we roll up our sleeves and work together in the gardens & field kitchen learning to:

  • sow, tend and harvest delicious produce
  • create seasonal meals during cooking classes in our field kitchen
  • spend time foraging for and connecting to wild foods
  • immerse in yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices

This year the Field to Fork courses are taught and guided by Jo Tytherleigh and Kate Allen, aka the Hare and the Crow.

Jo’s relationship to food is found through connection to her environment. Life has become deeply informed by the intimate relationship she has with the landscape around her, the changing seasons, being out in the elements and nurturing growth.

Kate finds her connection to the natural world and to wild things through cooking, fermenting, and foraging. Plants for her create a personal medicine and a wisdom of belonging. 

What brings Jo and Kate together perfectly as a team is their vision to support people in regaining control over their food choices and sharing knowledge that enables people to tread more gently upon our beautiful planet. 

Click below to book with a £100 deposit

* Price includes all tuition, meals, drinks and snacks
* Full recipe pack and course notes from the weekend
* Take away treats such as ferments, pickles, preserves

Please Note:
Price does not include accommodation or travel costs.
Deposit is non refundable and non transferable.

Accommodation Options

Camping at Harewood Farm with your own equipment and bedding – £10 per night

Take advantage of our hot water inside-out shower and our compost loos with a view.

Some camping equipment is available here. We can discuss your requirements.


Alternatively, there are comfortable B&B options close by in the local village of Calstock that we recommend and can organise for you.

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