BaHo BoHo … Last Go!



It’s the 31st of July and tomorrow the 1st August will be the last day to buy tickets for our Bank Holiday Bohemia featuring the amazing Juliet Russell and Sarah Moody. Juliet and Sarah will be leading the musical journey of the Gypsies. Juliet’s work and voice is one that many of our friends will have seen and heard through our fund raising events. For those of you who haven’t experienced the power listen here! 

Apart from the fireside music and the workshops Juliet and Sarah have planned there will other activities on offer to suit children and adults from flag making to creating art from found objects. Harewood is the perfect place to find peace and tranquility, a hammock or a canoe to paddle.

Day tickets will be very limited and may not be available at all so if you’re coming this really is your last chance.

Check out our events page for more up coming delights


Bank Holiday Boho and a website facelift

Mrs Broodie









Well I guess the latest news is that we just announced our first bijou summer festival and I have stayed up late updating the Harewood farm site to give it fresh new look.

The other developments of the day are that the new chicks are growing strong and Mrs Broodie the hen can come out of her nesting box and to enjoy the sunshine. Jo has been making elderflower cordial which smells delish and Laika the puppy disgraced herself by licking the bread rising in the tin before it got to the oven.

More soon! 🙂

Dennis is the man…

Dennis the man!
Dennis the man!

As the days start to draw out and the morning light streams in a little earlier each day Dennis our Light Sussex Cockrell seems to greet the day with a little more gusto. His seven lovely girls are his and our pride and joy. It seems such a lovely arrangement, we provide them with comfortable accommodation and excellent food and they lay us gorgeous eggs each day. Often there’s 7 ultra fresh eggs for us by noon. After their morning’s work of preening and laying we let them out to wander free. Dennis takes them walking around the yard, in the grass and down the lane. As the day comes to a close and the sun begins to dip, wherever they’ve been they make their way home. With a few squarkes and clucks the girls jostle for a position in the hen house for the night. When everyone is in we shut the door lest Mr Fox should make an unwelcome visit and then all is quite… till tomorrow’s dawning.