Where did the time go?

One day I’m scraping ice off my windscreen and the next the Summer’s hay is in the barn!

So in the style off an old movie flashback I’ll recap on months that passed since Frosty came pecking…

Here comes that wavy screen now.

The Morning after…


The morning after the US election was a beautiful Autumn day here in Cornwall which somehow mitigated the shock of such an outcome. I’ve been building a little hideaway in the meadow for future friends to enjoy. However in such a topsy turvy world I feel that I might be spending more time in it myself. I just need now to crack on and get it finished!

Come back and see the progress soon 🙂

Building Bridges and a Chapel of Love


Summer is a great time for getting on with building projects. The long daylight hours provide more time to get things done. This year’s main project is a glamping hut inspired by the simple rural chapels to be found perhaps in Eastern Europe or the American back woods. Based on an old caravan chassis it’s beginning to take shape though I may have to leave the spire until I get it down the lane!


I’ll be posting more when the project is further down the line but I’m looking forward to tucking up by the stove by Autumn comes 🙂





Badger in the house



There’s a badger in the house… It’s been ages since I updated our news but I wanted to share this one with you.

This little fella was curled up in the field cold and abandoned. It’s now wrapped up with a warm hot water bottle and we’re awaiting advise on what to do next.

We’ll keep you posted on the little one’s progress

Yoga Alfresco


The new yoga deck was a success for the recent mid-summer yoga retreat and is now part of the infrastructure for future small events here at Harewood. Jo has been using the space for her own practice and Luna the dog has to be encouraged not to use it for stretching out! No doubt with July and August being a time for friends and family visits it’ll see plenty of downward dogs in the coming months.


Shower and soon to be Sauna



It’s been a full on week in preparations for the mid-summer yoga retreat and new for the event is an inside out shower.

Constructed like a barrel and made of oak the shower cubicle is open to the sky while the cabin will house a sauna hopefully by the Autumn. Until the wood burning stove is in place the shower is heated by gas. I’ve still got the finishing touches to do but its been great to get the shower running for this weekend. My son made the barrel formers ages ago and we’ve enjoyed putting together a structure from all the stuff I’ve been collecting since we got here. The slate roof is left over from our garden room extension and were recycled from a house renovation in Devon. The oak has been knocking around the yard for a couple of years and most of the timber for the frame came from a London roof. I saved them from a bonfire! The old oak door was a real find from the village and it’s hinges are said to over 200 years old. I’ll post some more pictures when it’s finished.








Mid Summer Gathering: Fire, Food and Song at Harewood Farm












This is event is offered by Jo Tytherleigh and Jana Osborne as part of International Yoga Day celebrations.

Eliza Kenyon (www.theawakeningsong.com) is a wonderful facilitator to encourage our voices and hearts to soar!
The price for the evening is £15 which will include a warming meal made with our own homegrown produce. Plus hot drinks and sweet snacks towards the end of the evening.

Booking is essential so that we know numbers for catering in advance, and so that we can send you directions to Harewood Farm. Contact us at info@jotytherleigh.com or on 01822 833231

For those travelling any distance we have a camping option available or there is room at Homepark B & B  in Calstock.

Check out the event page for the full programme that includes a day of Yoga and Holistic Cooking happening over the weekend of 20th-21st June for International Yoga Day.

Gone Diggin’








Quite a haul from this morning’s dig. Original granite quoins from the house chiseled out by hand many centuries ago. They lay buried and covered in brambles. It’s hard to imagine the toil involved in building with them. Hopefully they’ll find their way into a future project that does them justice. Not for the potting shed and a brew house that will take their place…

1st Annual Egg Roll Gathering

Nye with his golden bunny trophy

Today was such a fun day. It looks like this could become an annual event. Today’s winners were Nye for the kids and Pete Gadd for the grown ups.

Despite some doubtful pitching by the adult contestants there were no umpire calls. The Cornish mizzle abated and although the going was soft some very respectable distances were achieved.

It could have been the sheer volume of chocolate consumed on the egg hunt that enabled Nye’s spectacular finish but a stewards appeal was over ruled as cocoa is exempt from the banned substance list. His winning roll stands and he scooped the Golden Bunny Trophy.








Pete has vowed to defend his 2015 Adult title next year and in a triumphant moment he tossed the winning egg to the admiring pack of hungry dogs. Victory seemed sweet for Mr Gadd. Meanwhile contestants tucked into delicious cakes and buns prepared with love and enjoyed by all.







Egg Roll and Hunt at Harewood – Good Friday April 3th

EASTEREGGSpring is a beautiful time at Harewood. The wildflowers in the woods and meadow are at their most stunning. It truly is a thing to celebrate and we’re inviting children and those with youthful hearts to come and enjoy the simple pleasures of the season at Harewood Farm. We have a wonderful view and a gentle hill perfect for the rolling of Easter Eggs.

If you’d like to join us email me at info@harewoodfarm.co.uk. It’s Free and we expect to start the eggs rolling at 1:00 pm lunchtime.