Wiggly Wiggly

Back in May we started work on a new area near the polytunnel. When it came to moving an old pile of compost we found this gorgeous chap.

One of the joys of living at Harewood is the reconnection with many of the creatures I knew as a child but that have sadly diminished in the urban environment. The Slow Worm that fascinated me in those long ago summers appear to be common here.

And then there are the animals, insects and birds that this townie never knew as a kid that are here to delight and intrigue me. I often marvel at the diversity of birds that come to our feeder… The Nuthatch and the Woodpecker, all the colourful finches and even the House Sparrow which seemed to have disappeared from our old Brighton home.

This year we harvested late and the tall seeded Nap Weed fed a Charm of Gold Finches which wheeled about the fields in murmurations.

More about what we’ve discovered flapping around our meadows next…

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